Terence Winslow, also known as “the strategic mentor,” is an author, a chief operations officer,
and strategic mentor for home-based entrepreneurs and c-level individuals. As a board-certified
mentor and marketing expert based in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, he provides his expertise in
marketing and mentoring. Terence is also an independent business developer and national
merchant solutions consultant with Central Payment, and an independent distributor and
wellness consultant for Zurvita. Additionally, he is an army veteran and spent 20 years serving
the United States. Terence continues to serve the needs of his community by providing unique
marketing and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs who seek to further their professional
and personal goals.

Among his many titles including Business Coach and Career Coach, Terence is also a real estate entrepreneur and is experienced in
providing coaching and consulting opportunities through Bravado Investments which is a Social
Enterprise he founded with his brother. Bravado Investments’ mission is to provide training,
consulting, mentoring, and networking opportunities to interested entrepreneurs and to aid in the
advancement of the direct sales profession. Bravado Investments has a passion for mentoring
entrepreneurs and sales professionals and guiding them to financial freedom through the
understanding and execution of their visions using relationship and affiliate marketing.

  • We provide coaching and mentorship for the following topics:
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Training & Development
  • Proposal Writing
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership Development
  • Marketing Materials
  • Coaching
  • Management Consulting
  • Government Liaison
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Strategic Planning

If you’re interested in learning how you can realize your entrepreneurial dreams, contact
Terence R. Winslow today to begin a new and empowering partnership that will lead you to