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  1. Mastering Visual Content Marketing

    When tackling a content marketing campaign, you need to know what will rouse online growth and engagement. Text-based content will always be important, but in this digital era, visual content is integral to the success of content marketing.When tackling a content marketing campaign, you need to kn…Read More

  2. What Smartwatches Mean for Email Marketing Campaigns

    Both Apple and Samsung have created their own version of a smartwatch that link to a user’s respective smartphone. Users can send text messages, use a variety of smartwatch-enabled apps, and check their email.oth Apple and Samsung have created their own version of a smartwatch that link to a use…Read More

  3. The NFL Needs to Stop Promoting a Racial Slur — TIME

    Here is a good rule of thumb: If your team name requires a landmark court order protecting racist hate speech, then it is a signal you should change your team’s name. Such should be the lesson of the recent United States Supreme Court ruling that federal trademarks can be registered, even if they…Read More

  4. How To Marry Your Offline Marketing Strategies With Your Online Marketing Efforts

    Because so many people make use of the internet for basically anything you can think of, the offline side of marketing efforts is often overlooked. While the use of the internet for putting your business out there guarantees global reach, and visibility, there are many other tactics you may want to …Read More

  5. Why Your Mailing List Is Your Most Powerful Online Marketing Tool

    The number one way to really convert website visitors into actual customers is through email correspondence. I can’t tell you how many times this has personally worked on me. A company sends an alluring email, you open it, and then realize that hey, this is really cool and the next thing you know,…Read More

  6. Pastor Greg Laurie on Why Christians Are Persecuted — BCNN1 WP

    During a period in church history from A.D. 100 to 314, literally thousands and thousands of courageous Christian men, women and even children sealed their fate with their blood. via Pastor Greg Laurie on Why Christians Are Persecuted — BCNN1 WP …Read More

  7. Fashion Legend Carla Fendi Dies at 79 — TIME

    (MILAN) — Carla Fendi, one of the five sisters who transformed the family leather goods business into a global luxury fashion house long known for its furs, has died following a long illness. She was 79. The Rome-based fashion house confirmed Fendi’s death Monday, expressing pain for the loss a…Read More

  8. Three Leadership Commitments that Cost Little but Payoff Big — Leadership Freak

    The unimaginative and uncommitted blame lack of money for lack of action. But you don’t need money, position, or resources to make a positive difference where you work. All you need to bring out the best in others is a simple belief, a deep commitment to three behaviors, and a little time. Simple…Read More


    Louis Kang1. You have a thorough understanding of your own flaws or insecurities. You know what you need to work on, you know what you struggle with, and you’re constantly looking for ways to experience growth and to help yourself feel more comfortable in your own skin every single day.2. And bec…Read More


    New York hedge fund managers from Bill Ackman and David Einhorn to Silicon Valley venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya pitched their top investment ideas Monday at the Sohn Investment Conference, the annual gathering of some of Wall Street’s highest-profile stock pickers. Also known as the Ira…Read More


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