Many cultures have a tradition of cleaning up around the house in the spring. It makes perfect sense after all. Spring is a time for visible new beginnings in the form of warmer temperatures, longer days and budding flowers. For many of you, spring is the first time in months that you actually feel like doing more than just lounging around on the couch.

This is also the time of year you might be feeling stuck or bored on your career. So spring is the perfect time to clean up your career. Terrence Winslow, your business coach in Los Angeles, offers ways in which you can spring clean your career.

Clear Out Social Media Connection

It’s no longer impressive to have 439 friends on Facebook or LinkedIn. In fact, most people don’t care. Not every friend or connection on social media is an important one. It is worth the time and effort to go through your online networks and see which connections you can get rid of. Pruning your LinkedIn and other social media accounts of people you never interact with is a feel-good purge.

Clean Up Your Work Space

We can sit here and debate the merits of having a clean work space, but your time would be better spent dusting your monitors and tossing that stash of Halloween candy.

For some reason, you started playing for team slob over the winter. It shows in the dust and accumulating stack of papers and other junk. You probably have at least two pens that are out of ink, yet for some reason they are still right in front of you.

New Work Clothes

You have a tendency to get too comfy with your work clothes. The shirt you happen to be wearing today looked great when you bought it three years ago, but it now has a few yellow stains on it and the sleeves are frayed. And your shoes are on the verge of falling apart, they can’t take another polish session.

Even if your clothes are in good shape, stop and think about how you are dressing for your job. Perhaps you need to go out and buy a new suit or two. Maybe you are dressing too conservative and need to dial it down a bit. Spring is the perfect time to reflect on what you wear to work.

Touch Up Your Resume

Just because you are perfectly happy with your current job does not mean that can’t change very quickly. Spring is an ideal time to go over your resume and make necessary changes and updates. This way, should things go south at work, you are prepared to move on.

Learn a New Skill

Are there any skills you could acquire that would make yourself even more desirable to your employer? If so, consider taking the necessary steps to acquire them. Some examples include professional licenses or teaching certificates.

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