Let’s face it, people are more concerned about their livelihood and their jobs now more than ever. This is due to several reasons, the recent recession is one. But in this bid to guard our time, we lose some pretty important aspects of our personal lives. Yes, we need to work diligently, but we also need to take time off and experience other aspects of life. Like a sandy beach and fancy drinks for example.

You shouldn’t be so worried about your job that you refuse to leave your desk. You might not think this, but vacations make us better people, better employees. When it comes to taking time off, we are slackers. Almost half of American workers don’t take their allotted time off each year, and it affects them in ways you can’t imagine.

Terence Winslow, your Los Angeles business coach, offers you reasons why you need to take a vacation.

Heart Healthy

We all understand that taking a vacation is very relaxing, but the level of stress relief a trip to the beach provides should not be underestimated. Studies show that both men and women who vacationed less than once in every six years were eight times more susceptible to a heart attack.

Another study found that men with a high risk of coronary disease who took frequent vacations were 32 percent less likely to die from heart disease. In a nutshell, your life could depend on the vacations you take.

Increased Productivity

There are a number of studies that show people who take most or all of their vacation time are more productive in their jobs than those who don’t take time off.

In addition, studies show that there is a connection between taking time off and the ability to think creatively. When you are able to think flexibly, you are better able to solve problems.

Prevent Illness

There is a whole field of research that finds stress and its dysfunction can alter your immune system and make you susceptible to any number of illnesses. It can increase your chances of getting the flu or a cold as well as more serious conditions that could be life-threatening. There are researchers who believe long-term stress may even contribute to cancer. Stay healthy by taking a vacation.

Be Happy

Chronic exposure to the stress hormones contributes to anxiety and depression. People who don’t take regular vacations are three times more likely to be depressed and anxious. This is just the opposite of people who do take vacations as they enjoy overall feelings of well-being and happiness.

Lose Weight

One of the responses to chronic stress is mindless eating, which obviously leads to weight gain. Stress hormones have been linked to obesity, which is in turn linked to heart disease.

Studies show that even if you happen to indulge a little in the food you eat while on vacation, you are still more active than sitting at your desk and tend to shed a few pounds.

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