Your Anaheim Career Coach and Reasons You Hate Your Job

It starts off as denial, and then it becomes anger. You might even try to bargain, but when that doesn’t work, you become discourages and unhappy. And then it hits you; you are not at all satisfied with your job, maybe even your career.

But maybe it’s not your job, perhaps it is the people you have to work with. Maybe your sadness isn’t even related to work, maybe you are struggling with some personal issues that are affecting how you feel at work.

What can you do to remedy this situation? You can start by contacting Terence Winslow, a career coach in Anaheim who also offer personal mentorship. That is a good starting point. It is also important that you recognize the reasons you aren’t happy at work. It could be one or more of the following reasons.

You Lost Your Passion

Let’s face it, some jobs grow old on you over time. You may have started a particular position full of gumption, but that has faded over the years. Perhaps you have the proverbial seven-year itch and need to move on to greener pastures. Maybe you just need to discover why the passion you once had is gone.

Just like a couple in emotional distress seeks the help of a marriage counselor, you could use the help of a career coach or mentor.

You are No Longer Challenged

One of the biggest deal-breakers in any type of a relationship is boredom. You may have just become bored with what you do. There is nothing wrong with getting bored with your job from time to time, sooner or later you pick up a challenging project or something new and exciting happens. But when you can’t shake off the boredom, you begin hating your job.

And just because you manage to stay very busy at work doesn’t mean you still can’t be bored. Challenging work is far different that interesting work.

Hostile Environment

If you are suspicious that your colleagues don’t like, maybe it’s because they don’t. Work can be a hostile environment and have a bad culture. So if colleagues are forming cliques, talking over you in meetings or just plain ignoring you, a petty workplace will drag you down.

If the work culture had deteriorated, don’t go down with it. You can either call their bluff by confronting problematic co-workers or you can move on to a different job.

You Know There is More Out There

You have been employed at the same company with the same position for quite awhile, and things have gone rather stagnant. You know that there is more out there and perhaps now is the time for you to branch out and see what others have to offer.

Speaking of stagnant, you might feel as though you are working harder and smarter, yet getting paid the same. Maybe you have had a glimpse of what the top of the corporate ladder looks like, but you don’t like what you see. There are many reasons you might consider moving on.

Whether you’re searching for personal or professional mentorship or coaching, a speaker for your upcoming event or an experienced professional to partner with, Terence Winslow is the professional you want. Contact us today.