Toxic employees suck all of the fun out of any organization. They wind up becoming an expensive investment because they demotivate people, infuriate team members and generally just suck the productivity from any organization.

At first, they are difficult to track, but after they have been with the company for a while, their true colors start to shine through. But just how are you supposed to deal with these types of people? It helps when you recognize their behaviors and how detrimental they are to your company.

Terence Winslow, your career coach in Anaheim, offers the behaviors of toxic employees.

They Yell at Everybody

These are short-tempered employees who are always creating problems. They disrespect clients and co-workers and speak rudely to them. If someone at the office is yelling, you can bet it is the toxic employee.

Now, that is not to say that every employee who behaves badly is necessarily a toxic employee. They might just be having some personal issues. It is best if you meet with them personally to clarify the problems.

They Push Their Work Off to Others

Toxic employees are great delegators because they don’t want to do their job. They are the type of employees who are constantly complaining that they have too much work to do, yet they manage to accomplish nothing all day.

The best way to deal with such a slacker is to show them the door.

Everyone Complains About Them

You have several employees who complain about the same person. There is probably a good reason for this. You can choose to ignore the complaints or do something about it.

Listen to What They Say

Toxic employees are always making statements. You will hear them say things like, “That is not my problem” or “This is stupid.”

Anybody making such remarks on a regular basis should be replaced.

They are a One Person Show

At first sight, toxic employees look to be really hard working. But these types of employees are arrogant and don’t believe in group work. What they do believe is that they are the best at everything and tell others how they should be doing their jobs.

They interfere with the work of others by projecting their vision of how things should be done. They don’t care about the efforts of other employees, they only care about their vision.

They are Creative Geniuses

Toxic employees are masters in finding ways to get out of work. Instead of finding solutions to problems or helping to grow a company, they are finding new and creative ways to avoid doing anything.

They Excel in Procrastination

Toxic employees believe in getting everything done tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, you guessed it, nothing gets done anyway. They are also the ones who don’t pay attention to deadlines, are absent a lot and don’t care what others think about them.

They Resist Authority

Toxic employees form their own little cliques and raise issues to fulfill personal motives. They test the patience of authority figures in the same way a two-year-old tests their parents’ patience.

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