There is no way you can avoid it. At almost any workplace will have their fair share of problem workers. These workers include those who spread gossip, those who are overly competitive and those who work hard to avoid doing work. We hope there aren’t too many of these type of people where you work.

You spend an awful lot of time at the office. Aside from staring at dual computer monitors, crying in the bathroom and attempting to get some actual work done, you tend to interact and socialize with co-workers. And no matter how many times you change jobs or how far up the corporate ladder you climb, there will be a few recurring personality types you have to deal with. Terence Winslow, your career coach in Los Angeles, shows you how to deal with the most annoying co-workers.

The Work Shirker

You have had to deal with these type of people since elementary school. They are the ones who pushed off work to others and can’t seem to carry their own weight. You might not even be on their team for certain projects, yet still do work for them so they can finish on schedule.

The best way to deal with this type of person is to have a conversation with them one-on-one and explain what needs to be done and what their role will be. Tell them exactly what you will be doing to complete the project and how you have no time to make up for any of their slack.

The Overly Competitive Co-Worker

The biggest problem with the overly competitive co-worker is that they will go as far as to sabotage other’s work or throw them under the bus if it helps them look good in the eyes of the boss. They will even take credit for work they never did. They are truly despicable people.

Overly competitive people are often insecure and feel threatened by your success. So do your best to show these people you want to work with them and not against them. When you do work with them, leave a paper trail of the work you did on the project so they don’t try to take credit for things you did.

The Negative Co-Worker

No matter how well a project went or how good a day is going, this co-worker will inevitability have something bad to say about it. This person is constantly bringing people down by making statements like, “That client will never sign with us” or “We will never get this done on time.”

The best way to deal with this type of person is to ask them for more details. Ask then why the client won’t sign with us or the reason why we won’t get this done on time. Press them for details and then ask them if they have a solution.

Hopefully, this helps you deal with difficult people at work and makes your job a little easier.

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