Many people feel lukewarm about their jobs at some point during their long careers. Even if you land your dream job, there are days you would rather just stay at home in bed. This is to be expected and is usually easily remedied. However, there are signs that indicate it might be time for you to move on and find another job.

You need to be on the lookout for red flags that might mean it’s time for a serious job assessment. That is not to say you should just up and quit, it just means you may want to brush up your resume a bit and check LinkedIn a little more often.

Terrence Winslow, your career coach in Los Angeles, offers this checklist of characteristics of a lousy job or signs you are ready to start looking for an exit strategy.

You Are Always Bored

Everybody goes through waves of boredom and dry spells in their career; it does not mean you need to get another job. Unless, of course, you have chronic boredom to the point that it has slowed down your production or stifled your creativity. When nothing you do at work is challenging, you can and will do it with your eyes closed.

Your first step, of course, is to ask for tasks that are deeper or more engaging. If this doesn’t work, you might want to seriously consider moving on to something else.

No Opportunity for Promotions

The most compelling reason people leave their jobs is so they can advance their career. If you are in a situation that won’t allow you the promotions you desire, you need to move on. Long-term goals help employees stay focused, engaged and eager to move forward in their career. If you have no opportunity to move up, then it’s time to move out.

Too Much Stress

Let’s face it, you are going to suffer some stress at work; if it was easy, they wouldn’t pay you so much money. But when the stressful moments become stressful weeks which then turn into stressful months and years, it is going to affect your health and you need to move on.

The Workplace Is Toxic

If there are activities at your place of employment that run afoul of basic ethics, you need to leave. The last thing you want is a shady reputation because of the company where you worked.

There Is Constant Change

Change is good most of the time, unless the change is constant and you can’t rely on anything or anybody. Constant change is a sign that company leaders are unsure where they are going and don’t really have a good plan. If this uncertainty makes you nervous, you might feel better with a different company.

The Company Is Failing

If there have been consecutive quarters of wage freezes, cuts and worse, layoffs, it could be a sign the company is headed to its death. Jump ship as soon as you can.

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