Whether you have been recently laid off, fired or just sick and tired of the current job you have, the time to look into hiring Terence Winslow, a career coach in Los Angeles, is when you feel like a hamster who keeps spinning on the wheel going absolutely nowhere. Even if you love your job, there could be signs that hiring a career coach might be a good idea.

You’ve Outgrown Your Current Position

You know everything there is know about the position you hold and now you need a challenge. A career coach will help you identify a different career path in which you can smoothly transition into and utilize your skills and knowledge.

Your Outlook on Life is Rather Negative

You seem to be in more bad moods than good moods and you are starting to take it out on people you care about. Your job has become just that, something you are looking at in a negative way.

Second Best Looks Pretty Good to You

You aren’t getting the job offers from any of the dream jobs you are applying for, so you are starting to hold an interest in jobs that are second or third on your list. You were going forth boldly seeking the job of your dreams, but now you are kicking the can down the street hoping to just settle for anything that might come your way.

What you need is support from a career coach to help you get back on track and fulfill your goal of landing a dream job.

You Don’t Know Who to Trust

The workplace landscape can be a very political place which makes it very difficult for you to know who you can trust and who you can’t trust. A career coach is somebody whom you can trust and who is always on your side. Your career coach is committed to your success and has your best interest in mind without serving their own agenda.

You Hate Your Job

If you find yourself constantly watching the clock at work and have a deep sense of not wanting to be there, then it is probably time you hire a career coach.

You Have No Direction

If you find you have been jumping from job to job in different fields and holding various positions, it could be a sign you need a career coach. You could be job hopping because you aren’t sure what you want to do with your career or because you aren’t a right fit for the jobs you are accepting. Either way, a career coach can help guide you and help you do a little soul-searching.

You Aren’t Advancing

If you have held the same position for several years and keep getting passed over for promotions, a career coach can help you see your shortcomings and how to resolve them. A career coach can help uncover what is really holding you back.

If you are ready to make the most of your career, contact Terence Winslow today.