You have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This saying holds especially true when it comes to your job resume.

The language and content of your resume can definitely make or break the chances of landing your dream job. You have a very limited amount of space to catch a hiring manager’s eye. So you must use this space wisely.

Filling your resume with overused buzzwords and garrulous language can backfire on you. Words and their meanings are vitally important on your resume. And if you want a competitive advantage, you must pay attention to the words you choose to use. Terrence Winslow, your career coach in Los Angeles, has compiled this list of overused words that you should erase from your resume.


Dedicated is a rather boring word. Spice up your resume using words that are a bit more creative. For example, try quality-driven, dynamic and high-impact instead.


Whoopee, guess what, we are all problem-solvers. You can assume that this is just a given and there is no need to mention it. You are better off using phrases like forward-thinker and troubleshooter instead.


This is an example of another really dull word. Reading words like these will only put the hiring manager to sleep. Do you think you can come up with anything better? Pick up a thesaurus and get acquainted with words like progressive, sharp and resourceful.


Do you really think a hiring manager will think highly of you because you have been successful? We should think they would be more impressed by someone who is top-performing, award-winning and best-in-class.


Now you sound just like everybody else. Take a look over 100 resumes and this phrase will never stand out. If you want to stand out, try performance-driven or top-notch instead.


If you weren’t accomplished, we would have to assume you have been fired from all of your other jobs. If you are trying to impress, let people know that you are a peak performer.

Hard Worker

Again, if you aren’t a hard worker, you can’t expect to keep a job. This is so obvious that you don’t need to call it out.


This word is so completely overused it is the butt of several jokes. Stay far away from this word.


Having this on your resume was a great way to garner some attention, back in 1987. Are you going to be sporting that mullet when you get called in for an interview as well?


Stay away from this word unless you really are an expert in a particular field. If you claim to be an expert, prepare to be peppered with questions regarding your expertise.


Nobody cares that you are into mountain biking or that you brave turbulent waters in your kayak.

Microsoft Office

Command of Microsoft Office is not a skill, it’s like water, you need it to survive.

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