Alicia D. Clark (Strategic Partner)

Alicia D. Clark is an Entrepreneur that helps Business Owners & Entrepreneurs grow their Business utilizing OPM (Other Peoples Money) and helps many live healthier lifestyles with natural organic supplements, meal plans, and workouts.
Alicia is also a Licensed Travel Agent that is certified in Switzerland, Italy, London, United Arab Emirates, Las Vegas, Crystal Cruises, France & Monaco just to name a few.
Born in East Central Illinois, Alicia had the vision to create wealth and health for herself and others since the age of 8 years young.
With the Entrepreneurial vision as a child, Alicia knew she wanted to create a life of freedom; Freedom in your Mind & Freedom in your Finances.
Alicia got her start in Financing when she read in the Bible that one can be the Lender and not the Borrower; in which she knew that was the direction she desired to plan her life around.
Alicia D. Clark is certified in Business Soft Skills and Customer Service with a vision help make a change in the world for underprivileged individuals by showing them a better way of life with her accomplishments.
Ms. Clark has also been a volunteer at Veterans First in Orange County, CA helping homeless and disabled Veterans.
She currently resides in Costa Mesa, CA and can be reached at
Terence Winslow